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About Us

A small, but amazing, group of individuals make Lumiere what it is, starting with founder, Diana Welsh.


Diana Welsh

Founder and Creative Director

Lumiere's founder Diana Welsh, started designing for the Web in the early 90's, and has worked on scores of websites since.
Diana has built websites for Fortune 500 companies, one man start-ups, and online retailers. She has managed complex online marketing programs for high tech companies, as well as consumer goods and financial services firms.

While Diana's clients love her award-winning designs, it is her patience and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction that is the backbone of her business. You'll find that Diana is especially skilled at building consensus across marketing and executive teams.

Fascinated by all things French (oh la la), Diana studied in France for two years. She speaks French fluently as well as a little Spanish.

A passionate dog lover, Diana enjoys hikes in the Sierra Foothills and American River canyons with her current canine pack, Coltrane, Stevie Ray and Marley. She's also the proud mother of an adorable one year old daughter who loves to give design advice on every project.

Diana received an M.A. from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (M.I.I.S) and a B.A. in French Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Pamela Swingley

Content Queen

Stuck on what to say? Not sure how to say it? Pam writes compelling content for all types of online projects. You'll also find her helping with website strategy, usability and SEO. In fact, she's on call as our Internet marketing expert.

With more than 20 years of marketing experience under her belt, (and an MBA as well), Pam's strategic insights are highly valued by our clients.

When she breaks free from her computer, you'll find her cycling and hiking around the Bay Area.

Phil Wang

Technical Big Gun

When it comes to solving tricky technical challenges, Phil is Lumiere’s big gun. With more than 11 years of software development experience, he’s a wiz at technologies that drive the web, from Java, PHP, ASP, XML/XSL; RSS; and AJAX, to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Apache/Tomcat.

Translated, this means that Phil’s extensive software engineering qualifications enable us to solve eCommerce, database, registration, lead tracking, Web 2.0, content and asset management, and software development challenges that other Web design companies won’t touch.

When not writing code, Phil enjoys taking photographs and playing classical guitar.

Phil received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, China.

Darlene Chow

Web Development Guru

If there was ever a contest for building websites, Darlene would win it, hands-down. From rapid-fire HTML production, to detailed quality checking, her production talents are what make our designs come alive.

Darlene has been building websites for more than a decade. She has managed international websites in a variety of languages for high tech companies. She’s been involved with projects of all sizes ranging from five page starter sites, to corporate Intranets, to global Fortune 500 websites.

She loves to enhance her capabilities by taking on new challenges. Her skills include: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, ASP, XML, DHTML, Homesite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Twinbridge, and a lot more!